10 Things You Should Do Before Moving House in Sutherland Shire

10 Things You Should Do Before Moving House in Sutherland Shire

When you are moving house in Sutherland Shire, many things need to be done before the move itself. Many more than ten, but here is the ten most important.

1. Pack an Essentials Box

This is a simple idea. Pack a box filled with things you may need when unpacking in your new house. This can include things like screwdrivers, screws, and dusting cloths. It should also include some chocolate or energy bars, wet wipes, paper towels, linen, and some fresh clothes.

2. Plan the New Space

Decide what is going to go where in each room. Doing this avoids moving things around later and gives you an immediate sense of place. Create a diagram that shows where this table will go, where that chair will be, and how the bed will be placed. It saves time later and makes it your home immediately.

3. Child Safety Planning

If you have children nothing is more important than this. Take a careful look around the new home and identify danger points. Depending on the age of your children, show them the problem areas and caution them. If necessary, ensure that you have things such as childproof gates in place.

4. Plan Meals

With all the effort and commotion meals can often become an issue. Pre-plan some meals and cook or buy them before moving. Freeze them and when needed defrost them. That way you stay well-fed despite the tiring effort involved in moving.

5. Prepare a Home Moving Checklist

This way of pre-planning reduces a great deal of stress. A checklist should include everything in this list in a timeline, so you remember what to do and when to do it. It can save a great deal of pain and effort if it is well done.

6. Use the Move to Declutter

A move is always the ideal time to get rid of things you no longer need or want. Separate these into three groups. Items to sell, items to donate or give to someone you know, and finally the things to throw away. Not only does it get rid of things but reduces how much you need to move to your new place. 

7. Change Locks

This simple action eliminates a large security concern. It ensures that whoever had keys to the property before cannot get in if they have made additional copies of the key. This does not just include the owners, but tenants, building staff such as a supervisor, and estate agents.

8. Ensure Your Utilities are Activated

There may be nothing more frustrating than having no water or electricity. Make sure that these are activated before you move in. Also consider cable, internet connections, and anything else that is essential.

9. Deep Clean the New Home

An empty house is the best time to clean. Do this yourself or if you can afford it bring in specialists.

10. Get Repairs Done

Do a walkthrough of your new home and note what needs to be repaired. With the home empty there is no better time to get the repairs done.

There you have it – ten things to do before you move. Ten things to make it all much easier.